Welcome to the family. This website is an online collection of my family’s favourite comfort foods and a place where I can experiment with new recipes to create future favourites. With two kids away at university, and a substantial time difference, it made sense to create a place where they can go (any time) to cook it like Mom or Mummu, Auntie Kaija, Auntie Leila, or any one of the many family members and good friends who have contributed to the culinary adventures my children have been fortunate enough to enjoy.

A note about the way I cook. I am not a big fan of slavish adherence to recipes. The possible exception is baking where I try to pay at least minor homage to the properties of baking soda and baking powder and their relationship to the production of non-hockey-puck-like substances. I use what I have in my kitchen and if I don’t like an ingredient I leave it out (I know, I know, blasphemy). I hope you’ll experiment and feel free to add things your kids like and take out the stuff they push off to the side of their plates.


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